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10 Tips for Yard Work Safety

Have you looked out your window lately? Blue skies, birds chirping and seventy degrees — [...]

Car Accident Prevention: Utah Texting Laws

In 2012, nearly 50,000 automobile crashes were reported in the state of Utah. Of those [...]

Does Your Business Need Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

With more than 30,000 traffic accidents occurring every day in the U.S. alone, auto liability [...]

Top Ten Backyard Safety Tips

It’s here! Tomorrow is the Fourth of July. We hope you are set to grill [...]

Auto Liability: When your Friend Crashes your Car

You let your friend or family member borrow your car. Most of us have done [...]

Nearing Retirement: Are you Prepared?

A client and his wife – both in their 60’s – recently came in to [...]

Understanding Fixed Indexed Annuities

What is a Fixed Indexed Annuity? Fixed indexed annuities are secure investment vehicles issued only [...]

Rideshare Liability

Are you seeing the fuzzy pink mustaches around town? The ones on the cars? Yep, [...]

The Hottest Thing out there for Retirement Income

Need Retirement Income? Here is the Hottest Thing out There. The above title is not [...]

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