Diversity Equity Inclusion

Elevate the Clyde Companies to become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

At Clyde Companies, we believe anyone at any level of our organization can become anything. With yearly rotating leads, the DEI Committee aims to showcase increased opportunities while facilitating meaningful change. Building a culture of diversity and inclusion means we are all committed to fostering an authentic sense of belonging for all people in our company.


We Value All People

We work to ensure that our employees, customers, and community leaders are prioritized in each and every interaction.

Build and Maintain Trust

We are confident in our ability to build and maintain trust in the workplace. Trust is a two-way street and takes time to build upon.

Solutions Driven

We are accountable to ourselves and each other for our success. Transparency while solving problems is key.

Respect and Compassion

We believe in showing a high degree of kindness and care to all individuals and in allowing them opportunities to express themselves freely.

DEI Efforts

The Clyde Companies' DEI Committee is doing its part to make strides in the fields of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The implementation of company-wide paid parental leave is just one example of the DEI Committee's work in action. In addition to benefits, the Committee works to ensure participation in important outside organizations related to DEI.

Strategic Objectives

Educate Employees on DEI

Use Analytics to Inform Actions

Advocate for Policy Updates

Champion DEI Initiatives

Explore Career Opportunities

Explore Career Opportunities