Employees Awarded at 2015 Clyde Companies Interchange

We are proud to announce that three Geneva Rock employees were recognized for superior results at the  2015 Clyde Interchange Event this week. The Interchange event is an annual business meeting for members of the Clyde Companies family, an organization comprised of roughly 2,500 employees.

Jim Hughes – Outstanding Leadership 2014

Jim Hughes, Clyde Companies Business Meeting, Clyde Companies AwardsJim is known as a problem solver and an innovator, and has developed a number of methods that Geneva Rock Products has used to increase the quality and efficiency of its concrete paving operations. Under Jim’s mentorship, the Geneva Rock Products concrete paving crews have gained a reputation for providing excellent quality and execution. Without exception, all of the owners Jim has worked for since he has been with Geneva Rock want him back on their jobs because they trust him and can depend on him to get the job done.

Jim has the highest respect from the employees that work under him, as well as from others in the company who have been able to work around him. He engenders confidence in those he works with because he takes definitive action in a way that is sensible, fair and reasonable, yet inspiringly aggressive and innovative.

Jim regularly notices the good performance of those working under him, and guides the most promising employees into positions of responsibility.  He often communicates to company management concerning employees that should be given more opportunity.

Rick Newton – Outstanding Customer Service 2014

interchange 2015 010815_53For his entire career at Geneva Rock Products, Rick Newton has demonstrated an innate ability to recognize customer needs and respond with professionalism and genuine care. Rick is driven to be out of the office and among his customers so he can be in the right place for the benefit of both his customer and Geneva Rock. He is a great example of a sales rep who finds and imparts joy to his customers with every visit.

Rick maintains excellent relationships with representatives from other divisions and companies in order to effectively bring these parties together for the benefit of his customers. Rick doesn’t hesitate to go outside his normal job duties to assist a customer in any way possible. On more than one occasion, Rick has acted as a recruiter for customers looking for skilled estimators or project managers. Rick has shown that he will go to any length to make his customers successful.

Steve Ewing – President’s Award 2014

Jim Hughes, Clyde Companies Business Meeting, Clyde Companies AwardsSteve Ewing, area manager for our Ready-mix Concrete Division, is a respected friend, mentor and leader at our company. He has consistently demonstrated favorable results throughout his 39-year career with Geneva Rock Products.

Steve was awarded the President’s Award for 2014 for his commitment to the industry, the company and the people he works with. Clyde Companies President Wilford Clyde said that Steve has a reputation for ‘getting things done’. Steve is recognized for his clear communication skills and quick response time, which have made him the ‘man to trust’ when you need something accomplished.

His impact on Geneva Rock Products and the Clyde Companies will last for many years to come.

Congratulations to Jim Hughes, Rick Newton, and Steve Ewing for their accomplishments. We are proud to have these men on our team.

Geneva Rock Products