Sunroc Plays A Part in “Operation Firewood Rescue”

After a severe windstorm in northern Utah, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sponsored an initiative to collect tree debris and deliver it for firewood to the Navajo Nation and several other Native American nations and tribes across the state.

More than 10,000 volunteers were coordinated across a variety of organizations, including the State of Utah, Utah Navajo Health System, Rotary Clubs of Utah, the Utah Trucking Association, and the Associated General Contractors of Utah. Transport was donated by several Utah trucking and construction companies – including Clyde Companies.

Clyde Companies’ Sunroc and Geneva Rock both participated in “Operation Firewood Rescue.” Sunroc and Geneva Rock each donated five trucks to transport firewood 300 miles from northern Utah to Blanding, Utah and Skull Valley near Tooele.

Tyler Papworth and Tyler Grunander coordinated volunteers from Sunroc and Geneva Rock.

“It was really easy to recruit volunteers from our employees. I told our team about what we were doing and what the donation was, and they all showed up to help,” said Papworth.

Sunroc and Geneva Rock employees joined the effort and cleaned up four sites in northern Utah, using Geneva Rock’s truck and pups and Sunroc’s double side dump trucks, delivering 10 truckloads of firewood.

“The biggest thing for me was seeing all the good people in the world. It sure is nice to see volunteers and people come together to help others and it brightened everyone’s day,” said Papworth.

Todd Savage, vice president of Savage Services Truck Transportations, organized the efforts of the members of the AGC and Utah Trucking Association, working with Clyde Companies and others to donate the trucks needed.

“I am in awe at this generosity! You have shown such tremendous support and I am so grateful for the professional way in which everyone executed the task. I’m grateful to each one of you for your care and attention during what is part of your busiest season,” said Todd Savage.

Collectively, the group cleaned up 22 sites with 70 trucks from 17 companies, hauling 3 million pounds of firewood to Native American nations and tribes throughout the state. Firewood will be used for the main source of heating and food for Native American tribes and nations.

Clyde Companies is glad to have had the opportunity to serve northern Utah populations and Native American tribes and nations, and we are proud of our commitment to Building a Better Community.

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