Building a Culture of Safety

Cyde Hard hat

By Russ Clayton

For nearly 100 years, Clyde Companies has stood on a sure foundation of four core values. Chief among them is that ‘We Value People.’ Clyde Companies recognizes that our people are our greatest resource! We value them and we want them to feel valued! With over 4,500 employees working in 11 different states, Clyde Companies has invested in a team of 35 full-time safety professionals. These dedicated professionals partner with each operation to continually elevate workplace safety. They provide regular safety training, conduct inspections, identify hazards, and mitigate risk. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. With the help of our safety team, we are confident that every employee at Clyde Companies will become a key contributor in helping us achieve safety excellence!

Investing in such a group that is solely focused on protecting and developing workers is not only good for business, it’s the right thing to do. Safety professionals promote the truth that we will always put workplace safety ahead of any other objective. When our people return home safely at the end of every day, business leaders have confidence that they are getting a return on their safety investment. Thank you for helping us always stay safe.