Safety Meeting before entering the jobsite

Clyde Companies pledges to keep people safe. Our commitment to the health and protection of our crews and community members means just that — no incidents and no injuries, no matter how seemingly minor.

Every member of our team has family and friends who want them to stay safe at work, so we take the extra precautions to ensure that happens. Keeping our job sites, plant operations and retail locations from risk is a top priority. To us, nothing is more important.

Building a Culture of Safety

Safety is a responsibility we all share. It’s our prerogative to ensure our people go home safe every day. This means our company culture thrives off the motto that minimum standards are not enough; that we always take the extra steps to protect the health and happiness of our employees and local community.

Through regular corporate and on-site safety training, each Clyde Companies team member is reminded of their personal accountability to speak up for themselves, their co-workers, project partners and the surrounding community in any situation where they fear a safety concern. Our employees are empowered for recognizing and submitting ideas for improved safety on all types of projects.

Safety in the Details

Our Comprehensive Incident Prevention Program is regularly updated to conform with our high standard of jobsite safety. The Clyde Safety Division researches best practices in our industry and adopts them to best fit our corporate safety values. We are committed to running programs and guidelines that go far beyond minimum regulatory requirements.

We emphasize various safety programs, including:

  • GOAL – A program for preventing backing incidents
  • TRACK – Daily job hazard analysis for each individual and crew
  • Job Hazard Analysis – As part of their formal work plan process, supervisors plan work taking potential hazards into full consideration

Investing in Our Drivers’ Safety

Clyde Companies is taking a big step forward in its goal to keep employees safe with an investment in safety cameras on the front of its commercial vehicles. These cameras will provide both external and internal views of the driving process. This will protect team members by bringing more attention to driving habits and exonerating them for not-at-fault accidents. They will be seamlessly integrated across Clyde Companies’ enterprise technology systems.

Investing in Qualified Safety Professionals

Acquiring the top safety professionals in the industry is a key part of our commitment to safety. With 121 years of combined experience, our Safety Division brings extensive safety knowledge and program know-how to the organization. Our team includes: OSHA Construction Outreach Trainers, MSHA Approved Instructors, Certified Safety Professionals, and a Fleet Safety Manager with more than 10 years of Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement. We utilize the Tap Root system to investigate incidents and determine the root causes and preventative actions necessary to keep our people free from harm.