Sustainability means building for today and tomorrow without depleting future resources. Clyde Companies seeks to balance the economic, social and environmental impacts of construction today with the understanding that such work will have an effect on the future.

We believe the construction and building industry can achieve sustainable development. Enhancing economic prosperity begins by allowing employees, management, stakeholders and the community to experience economic prosperity. Environmental awareness includes a proactive effort of lowering emissions and other environmental impacts related to each company’s ongoing operations. The Clyde Companies emphasis on social responsibility entails providing employees with qualities of life that support healthy work conditions.

Clyde Companies has a commitment to its employees and to the community. That commitment is to protect the environment, facilitate employee health and safety, encourage responsible business practices and cultivate community partnerships.

Reliance System

Clyde Companies created a software system called Reliance to help monitor healthy air quality, stay in compliance with regulations, and track permit limits for each production site. It also tracks total concrete production, tracks runtimes of water heaters and generators, and notifies employees when thresholds are met in real time.

Train our People

Clyde Companies provides various training and educational seminars for employees on topics that encourage sustainability, including: recycling, reducing energy consumption and eliminating unnecessary waste.

Green Initiatives

We maintain sustainability standards for our offices and jobsites, including a Construction Waste Management plan and a Construction Activity Pollution Prevention plan. We have implemented a number of sustainability measures in recent years, including constructing an energy producing conveyor belt, purchasing a fleet of natural gas powered mixer trucks, and utilizing Organic Lock in our aggregate mixes. Geneva Rock’s investment in natural gas mixers is one of the largest air quality investments made by any construction company in the state of Utah.

Natural Gas Fleet of Ready Mix Trucks

Low NOx Generators

Clyde Companies now operates EPA certified Tier 4 generators at its gravel pits to help reduce NOx emissions. The new generators replaced previously operated non-certified generators.

Reduce and Recycle Construction Waste

Since 1954, we have diverted construction waste amounting in the tens of millions of tons from landfills. We are also proud to have recycled thousands of gallons of oil and water. Continual efforts are in place to improve and lessen the impact on the environment. Unusable cuts of lumber are also recycled into mulch.

Offer Recycled Materials to our Customers

Our companies offer recycled material options to our customers, including recycled concrete, asphalt and a number of recycled building materials.

Minimize Distribution of Vehicular Pollution

Clyde Companies maintains strict idling and driving standards for all company vehicles and operational machinery, helping us eliminate unnecessary pollutants from our communities. Clyde Companies is proud to source its aggregates and raw materials locally. Sourcing materials locally not only protects the environment, but it also improves the quality of life for the residents in our communities. Traffic is less congested, pollution is reduced, and local roads have less wear and tear.

Additives that Reduce Emissions

Subsidiaries of Clyde Companies utilize several types of additives in concrete mixes to help reduce the greenhouse gas footprint associated with concrete production and extend the use of the product. Encapsulating fly ash from coal-fired power plants in concrete eliminates the need to landfill the product, reducing each subsidiaries’ carbon footprint. Bridgesource primarily supplies fly ash for this purpose, but when not available, other products such as a mineral filler developed by Sunroc and CarbonCure Concrete are used.