Building a Better Community Through Partnerships

Service projects and employees donating time help us build better communities.

The Clyde Companies exist to build a better community. But we can’t do it alone. Valuable partnerships are at the core of our success. For nearly 100 years, we’ve worked diligently to maintain mutually beneficial relationships with project owners, subcontractors, state departments, design teams and regulatory organizations. It is our goal to make your work easier on our shared projects.

We also believe that a strong community plays an important role in what we do. We give our time, money, and talents to many community organizations because we care about the communities in which we build and because it’s the right thing to do. 

We believe in the alignment of donations to executive priorities and community causes where we currently do business, and in support of key employees, customers, and stakeholders.

We invest heavily in educational institutions across Utah to provide opportunities for members of the community and to help us build a vibrant, prepared workforce. Education is a vital part of building a better community, and we contribute to that effort through curriculum development, training, internships, scholarships, and more.

In addition to community and educational partnerships, we forge strong relationships with industry associations. These partnerships allow us to create solid relationships with other industry leaders and create greater value for our clients and customers.