Clyde Companies
Corporate Social Impact


Building a Better Community

At Clyde Companies, we stick to core values that help us fulfill our mission of “Building a Better Community.” We build a better community by the physical work we do, by providing meaningful employment for thousands of employees and their families, and by giving back to the communities in which we work and reside. 

Doing the right thing is built into our founding principles, and that is what’s at the heart of Corporate Social Impact.

Supporting Key Causes and People

Clyde Companies believes in the alignment of donations to executive priorities and community causes where we currently do business, and in support of key employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Supporting Education 

Invested in the Next Generation

Clyde Companies invests heavily in local education programs, helping build a vibrant, prepared workforce. In addition to donations and sponsorships of Junior Achievement and the Utah Diesel Tech Pathways, Clyde Companies employees serve on educational boards and committees. Additionally, each of Clyde Companies’ subsidiaries provide internship opportunities to college students. Clyde Companies is involved with the Pathways to Professions program to better partner educational institutions and industries to students with jobs while showcasing the construction industry. Clyde Companies also participates with You Science to find matches of actual interests and skillsets of high school students.

A Culture of Service 

Building a Better Community 

A legacy of giving back exists among employees of Clyde Companies who consistently serve on boards, city councils, and other community causes. Subsidiary companies also regularly donate time, equipment, and materials to the betterment of communities throughout the Intermountain West and Great Plains regions.

Environmental Measures

Additives Reduce Emissions

Subsidiaries of Clyde Companies utilize several types of additives in concrete mixes to help reduce the greenhouse gas footprint associated with cement production and extend the use of the product. Encapsulating fly ash from coal-fired power plants in concrete eliminates the need to landfill the product, reducing each subsidiaries’ carbon footprint. Bridgesource primarily supplies fly ash for this purpose, but when not available, other products such as a mineral filler developed by Sunroc and CarbonCure Concrete are used.

Innovative Solutions

Natural Gas Mixers 

Geneva Rock’s investment in natural gas mixers is one of the largest air quality investments made by any construction company in the state of Utah. 

Reliance System 

Clyde Companies created a software system called Reliance to help monitor healthy air quality, stay in compliance with regulations, and track permit limits for each production site. 

Low NOx Generators 

Clyde Companies now operates EPA certified Tier 4 generators at its gravel pits to help reduce NOx emissions. The new generators replaced previously operated non-certified generators. 

Materials Recycling 

Reducing Environmental Impact 

Clyde Companies is committed to being a good steward of resources by using recycled content in all of its operations. Continual efforts are in place to improve and lessen the impact on the environment. Recycled asphalt and concrete are reused in the pavement of roads, and water filters help in the production of aggregates. Unusable cuts of lumber are also recycled into mulch. 

Local Sourcing Energy Efficiency 

Aggregates and Raw Materials 

Clyde Companies is proud to source its aggregates and raw materials locally. Sourcing materials locally not only protects the environment, but it also improves the quality of life for the residents in our communities. 

Aggregate Conveyor 

Geneva Rock invested heavily in a unique energy-generation downhill conveyor system at its Point of the Mountain site – one of the first organizations in Utah to utilize this tool. The electricity produced is rerouted for use in the plants electrical network. The investment has quickly paid for itself. 


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion 

Building a Better CommUNITY

The DEI committee was organized in 2021 by the Clyde Companies’ Executive Leadership Team to discuss, research, and recommend improvements at Clyde Companies, including the increase of women and minorities in leadership. Its mission is: Building a Better CommUNITY. The DEI committee maintains four strategic initiatives: Education and Awareness, Data and Analytics, Policy, and Best Practices.

Refugee/H2B Visa Employees

Providing Employment Opportunities 

Sunpro began an innovative program in 2021 to help fill key unfilled positions amidst the nationwide workforce shortage through the hiring of refugees and H-2B visa employees.

A Priority of Safety

People are our first priority. Protecting the health and safety of employees and those involved in our projects has always been – and will always be – the most important part of our work. We work smart so we can all go home safe. Our commitment to safety revolves around four directives:

        • Establish Safe Working Environments for All
        • Remember Safety is a Responsibility We Share
        • Encourage Employees to Communicate Concerns
        • Recognize and Reward Safe Work

Safety Cameras

Investing in our Drivers’ Safety 

Clyde Companies is taking a big step forward in its goal to keep employees safe with an investment in safety cameras on the front of its commercial vehicles. These cameras will provide both external and internal views of the driving process. This will protect team members by bringing more attention to driving habits and exonerating them for notat-fault accidents. They will be seamlessly integrated across Clyde Companies’ enterprise technology systems. 

Women & Minorities in the Workforce 

Increasing Representation 

Clyde Companies is taking steps to champion diversity and inclusion and  empowering women and minorities. Some of the applied strategies are  creating monthly informational articles on the Clyde Portal, introducing an interactive data dashboard for career development, forming a dedicated Women Employee Resource Group, and paid parental leave. Clyde companies is making strides in fostering an inclusive environment. These endeavors are vital in promoting equality and enabling individuals from all backgrounds to thrive professionally.

Employee Benefits 

A Comprehensive Value for Employees 

Employee Development

Training Programs 

Clyde Companies believes in its core value of We Value People. We build better employees by empowering our people with consistent training.

        • Tyfoom short form video learning 
        • Leading the Clyde Way Management Training
        • Executive Leadership Courses

Policy & Advocacy

Chambers of Commerce

The Voice of the Business Community 

Clyde Companies employees are actively involved in the Salt Lake and Utah Valley Chamber of Commerces.

AGC Involvement

Leading the Utah and Idaho Chapters 

Clyde Companies has been an active participant in both the AGC of Utah and of Idaho, the state’s premier professional association for the commercial construction industry, since its inception. Over the years, several employees have served on committees and in leadership positions.

Association Memberships

Clyde Companies and its subsidiaries actively participate in 170+ other associations.

Top Associations 

American Road and Transportation Builders Association
American Society of Safety Professionals
American Water Works Association
The Beavers
Colorado Motor Carrier Association
Colorado Ready Mixed Concrete Association
Economic Development Corporation of Utah
Mountain States Lumber and Building Material Dealers
National Concrete Masonry Association
National Home Builders Association
National Ready Mix Concrete Association
National Utility Contractors AssociationConstruction Monitor

Southern Utah Home Builders Association
St. George Chamber of Commerce
Utah Asphalt Pavement Association
Utah Association of Independent Insurance Agents
Utah Construction Suppliers Association
Utah Manufacturers Association
Utah Masonry Council
Utah Ready Mix Concrete Association Utah Safety Council
Utah Trucking Association
UVU Advisory Council
Women’s Leadership Institute