Clyde Companies donates $2 million for aquatic center improvements

Clyde Companies donates $2 million for additional aquatic center improvements

Springville’s under-construction aquatic center has a new name, and will have a few additional features as well thanks to a $2 million donation from Clyde Companies.

That donation was approved Tuesday by the Springville City Council — as was the building’s new name, Clyde Recreation Center.

Wilford Clyde, who is the president and CEO of Clyde Companies, has also served as Springville’s mayor for the last eight years, though he is not running for re-election this year.

From placing an $11 million bond on the city’s ballot, to the proposed completion of construction by the end of this year, the process of bringing the aquatic center into existence near 700 South and 950 West will all have taken place under his oversight as mayor.

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