Clyde-Geneva Constructors Donate Incubator to Ogden Nature Center

Each spring approximately 5 million breeding and migrating birds take up residence along the shores of the Great Salt Lake. With Legacy Parkway’s close proximity to this ecosystem, last year 119 eggs and 3 hatchlings were found in the project right-of-way and taken to the Ogden Nature Center.

This year, as part of their commitment to preserving the environment, Clyde-Geneva Constructors, the segment 3 contractor for Legacy Parkway, donated an incubator to the Ogden Nature Center to help increase the number of eggs the center can take in.

“With the increasing number of nests found in the right-of-way and the Nature Center’s lack of capacity, Clyde-Geneva was very willing and generous to provide the Center with a new incubator,” said Steve Niebergall, Legacy Segment 3 Manager. “Not only will the incubator assist the Nature Center, it will also help ensure that our project stays on schedule.”

Clyde-Geneva contributed $800 towards an incubator that will help eggs transplanted to the center to hatch. Once the eggs hatch, the center goes to great lengths to nurture the birds in the right way and in the best environment possible. To ensure that they can be returned to the wild, the center minimizes human contact with the birds. The majority of the birds will be released at the nature center as well as other bird reserves throughout the area.

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