Deseret News Reader Comments

“WW Clyde and Geneva Rock have set the standard! Outstanding Job!”

“This is a great story about how companies can do the right thing, both by their business and by the communities they’re in. It’s wonderful to see people who can take a problem and find this kind of solution!”

“To see big corporations with a heart is renewing to my faith in society. I give you a standing ovation!”

“… a big, big thank you to W.W. Clyde and Geneva Rock for donating their time, equipment and expertise to ensure that my kids will have a level field to play on someday.”

“Not only is this a great gesture by W.W. Clyde and Geneva Rock, but this is something that the children will remember for a very long time.”

“…thanks to those of you who donated your time, effort, resources, and talent to fulfill a need. There is hope.”

“I grew up in Eureka and it is really nice to know that those baseball fields are getting some TLC. Thanks to …W. W. Clyde, Geneva Rock and anyone else that played a part in this.”

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