Doing Our Part: Responsible Mining at Point of the Mountain

Geneva Rock Products is a Utah-based company, and we take great pride in being locally owned and operated. The materials that we provide are in the roads we drive on, the foundations of our homes, and the places that we work and play. Building Utah in a responsible manner is very important to us.

Since our founding in 1954, the company has prioritized the interests of the community and the importance of corporate responsibility. Part of this commitment includes strict compliance with laws related to public safety.

Having operated a number of locations across the Wasatch Front for nearly 60 years, we understand the health and safety responsibilities involved in mining aggregate materials. Compliance with Federal and State regulations governed by the Utah Department of Air Quality, MSHA, OSHA, and other regulatory agencies is a very high priority. We consistently take a proactive approach to ensure that we meet or exceed requirements.

Proactive Commitment to Dust Prevention

This year at our Point of the Mountain Plant, company executives decided to increase the water distribution across the operation to reduce potential dust. This decision was made early in the year, as weather experts indicated a dry summer.

In the spring, temporary water cannons (think extremely powerful sprinklers) were installed to keep the operation wet while a permanent irrigation system is installed. The new watering structure distributes many thousands of gallons of water on the largest slopes and stockpiles at the plant.

Dust Elimination Strategies

Here are some of the other efforts we have made to reduce dust:

Water Trucks

These trucks distribute water across dirt roads within the operation, ensuring dirt and aggregate product spilled from passing trucks or while loading into trucks does not become mobile. Each water truck holds thousands of gallons of water.

Water Wagons

These trucks are able to travel over areas not generally accessible to water trucks. This includes watering the hillside slopes, haul roads and dozed areas. After the wagons have soaked the material, a dozer pushes the saturated material over the edge of the hill to cover the slope below. Each water wagon holds between 6,500 and 10,000 gallons of water.

Vacuum Truck

This specialized piece of equipment travels asphalt and concrete roads throughout the plant to suck up and eliminate sand, dirt and aggregate pieces from the roadways. This practice helps prevent incoming and outgoing contractors from kicking up dirt and dust with their trucks and construction equipment.

Water Cannons

This system distributes water across the slopes and to various sand and gravel stockpile areas. These water cannons include multiple high pressure long range water sprinklers that spray many thousands of gallons of water on areas that need dust control. Some water cannons at the Point of the Mountain can deliver up to 1,000 gallons of water per minute and can cover an area of up to 590 feet in diameter. Various new water tanks, pumps, and pipe have been installed or are currently being installed at the quarry.

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Safely Building the Community

Geneva Rock believes that the air quality efforts at its Point of the Mountain plant are the most expensive project of its kind ever done in Utah by a sand and gravel company. We recognize the value our products have to the surrounding communities (sidewalks, roads, foundations, homes, utilities, etc.), and are committed to provide these materials from this important location while protecting the health of Utah’s citizens.

We agree that every individual and company can do more to reduce dust, emissions, pollution, and prevent excessive water use. We will continue to analyze our efforts and do our part to protect the communities where we work, live and recreate.

Geneva Rock Products