Doug Veenker Receives Outstanding Results Award

We are excited to announce that Sunroc Construction Area Manager Doug Veenker received the Outstanding Results Award at the 2015 Clyde Interchange event this past week. Interchange is an annual business meeting for members of the Clyde Companies family, an organization comprised of roughly 2,500 employees.

Doug Veenker – Outstanding Results 2014

Doug Veenker Award Sunroc AwardsIn 2014, Doug Veenker led Sunroc’s Utah County Construction team to a phenomenal year. These results can be attributed to Doug’s devotion to supporting his Estimating team, Project Management team, and Field team. His commitment to the success of each of his teams has allowed his area to see continued growth, the opportunity for new customers and the ability to maintain relationships with work partners for continued repeat business and work.

Doug is always watching for opportunities within his area that will increase results.  This year he worked with the equipment team and field managers to develop a custom designed add-on blade for a grader that would enhance our effectiveness in preparing sidewalks and trails.

Through Doug’s leadership, his team works cohesively to support one another in every way possible. If one person is unavailable, Doug and the others jump in to fill the void without missing a beat. There is no tolerance for negativity, back-biting or failure to completely support one another. Doug has created a positive, safe, easy-going but very productive environment in which we accomplish our goals.

Congratulations to Doug for his accomplishments. We are proud to have him on our team.

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