High-Tech Support Helps Make the Sale

Clyde Companies and its subsidiaries, Geneva Rock Products and Sunroc, are passing along efficiencies to customers by using sales management software that’s tailored to ready-mix business processes.

Entertaining customers is a beloved sales tradition, but dinner invitations and ballgames only go so far. What happens when a customer gets a better offer from your competitor? At some point, you must show him the real value in working with you.

Making a sale is just one event in the entire customer relationship. The better we can manage everything else that goes on– maintaining good communication, responding quickly to questions or bid requests, paying attention to details–the stronger the relationship becomes. There are many ways to leverage technology and demonstrate clear customer benefits, such as increased revenue and lower cost of doing business.

Recently Clyde Companies, based in Orem, Utah, took a significant step in this direction by updating the customer relationship management (CRM) system used by its subsidiaries, Geneva Rock Products and Sunroc. Over six months, the ready-mix sales teams have moved from a generalized software program to a system tailored to their unique quote-to-cash pipeline, and the specific needs of their customers.

“We recognized the importance of mobility and simplicity,” says LaNette Andrews, systems manager for Clyde Companies. “So we wanted our sales group to have one application that would seamlessly provide CRM functionality and access to key business information.” The new CRM solution incorporates Clyde’s dispatch and telematics data, and is cloud-based, so users can retrieve and enter customer data from cell phones and tablets.

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