Top Ten Backyard Safety Tips

Backyard Safety, Backyard Safety Tips, Pool Safety, Grill SafetyIt’s here! Tomorrow is the Fourth of July. We hope you are set to grill up some steaks, make a splash in the pool, celebrate your freedoms and enjoy a well-deserved day off of work with your family. What would make it even better? Doing it safely.

Before you fire up the grill or put on your swimming trunks, take a few minutes to evaluate your backyard safety readiness. A few small steps can keep your holiday memories based on enjoyment and not injury.

Here are our Top Ten Backyard Safety Tips to ensure you make the most of this glorious weekend.

At the Pool

  • No one swims alone. No matter the age, make sure all pool parties include a party of at least two.
  • Before the guests arrive, check all gates to ensure the locks latch and any door alarms or motion detectors are working.
  • Ensure life-saving equipment is permanently stored in a nearby, visible location.
  • Never leave furniture near the fence that would enable a small child to climb over the fence and into the pool.

Grilling Grub

  • Place your barbecue a minimum of 10 feet away from your home. Don’t ever grill in a garage or enclosed space.
  • Protect yourself from burns by wearing a heavy apron and oven mitts.
  • Keep children away from grilling areas. Keep in mind that grills can stay hot (especially in the summer) long after the meat has been served.

Playing Outdoors

  • In high temperatures, the plastic and metal materials on slides and swings can get extremely hot causing serious burns on kids and adults. Test all play equipment before use. If you can, move smaller play sets into shady areas before you set out to play.
  • Keep the bars and springs of your trampoline covered with a pad to prevent injuries. And, while you’re at it, institute a ‘one-at-a-time’ rule for jumpers to keep kids from being unintentionally tossed around.
  • Roasting s’mores? Only build a backyard fire in an enclosed, contained area such as an outdoor chiminea, fire bowl or fire pit.

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