Utah’s Transportation System

Utah Transportation coalition

Several decades ago, the Utah State Legislature recognized the need and opportunity to update and expand our transportation system. Today we see the benefits of those wise decisions in our enviable quality of life. All Utahns enjoy the benefits of good mobility and efficient delivery of goods and services.

In recent years, other states languished in the economic recession. Our well-functioning transportation system helped Utah emerge from the recession more quickly. Utah remains a hub of economic activity, attracting new businesses and adding good jobs.

As our state continues to grow, we want to maintain strong economic viability. The transportation system is the backbone of our economy. Investment in transportation is essential to maintaining economic prosperity.

Utah faces an $11.3 billion shortfall in transportation funding between now and 2040. If we delay now in finding solutions our system will deteriorate, and our shortfall will expand. But, if we work together now to enhance and preserve our road and transit systems, Utah will continue to be one of the best places to work and to live.

Clyde Companies is a proud member of the Utah Transportation Coalition. Learn more about the benefits of transportation funding at  UtahTransportationCoalition.org.