We Value People: Grant Ensign

Grant Ensign We Value People

Working for Clyde Companies as an environmental specialist has been a dream come true for Grant Ensign, a reality he didn’t think possible when he initially didn’t get the job. 

“I had applied for an environmental specialist position but wasn’t hired,” Grant said. “Shortly after, a similar position opened, so I applied a second time. I had been doing some environmental work that involved a lot of soil analysis and sampling, but Clyde Companies demanded a lot of air and water quality work. I think they really took a chance on hiring me because of that, but I think it’s paid off for everyone involved.” 

As an environmental specialist, Grant’s main responsibility is to ensure that Geneva Rock, a subsidiary of Clyde Companies, is in compliance with all federal and state air and water quality permits. He works closely to ensure the company is following best practices and minimizing impact on the environment. 

“We’ve done a really, really good job at understanding the ins and outs of air permits,” Grant said. “We have come a long way with water permits as well. We’re definitely moving in the right direction.” 

Working at Clyde Companies has also been a step in the right direction for Grant and his family. 

“I’ve been really lucky,” Grant said. “Everything has been better here: my commute, the pay, the benefits, the people, and the work. I was a little nervous at first because it’s essentially a family company that has expanded. I’ve worked for family companies before, and they haven’t always been the best. There’s been drama. If there’s drama here, I don’t see it. That’s something I’ve been really thankful for.” 

More than anything, Grant appreciates the people that work here because of their positive and understanding nature. 

“People here just seem to mesh well and work well with each other,” Grant said. “We’ve grown to understand and know each other on a deep level. My favorite part of the job is just to get out and meet with individuals on the ground. Most don’t have a ton of experience in environmental compliance, but they are all so willing to help out and try to make the company a little bit better.” 

Grant hopes to continue improving the company’s environmental goals as a whole. The interesting day-to-day projects keep him engaged in his work. 

“Not only do we have fun projects, but they’re all unique,” Grant said. “Every single one comes with a new set of challenges and a new thing that we have to conquer. That’s something that I really appreciate about my job.” 

After two years with the company, Grant has no trouble expressing his commitment to Clyde Companies. 

“I was called by a recruiter about a year ago, and before we got 30 seconds in, I just said, ‘Thanks, but no thanks,’” Grant said. “I already knew that what he was going to say would not be as good as what I already had. That was it. That was the end of it. I think that’s a testament to the type of company Clyde Companies is.”

Grant Ensign