We Value People: LaNette Andrews

We Value People: LaNette Andrews

With nearly 30 years of experience at Clyde Companies, LaNette Andrews’ story shows that with hard work, dedication, and the right support, anyone can achieve their goals and make a difference in their industry. 

LaNette describes her current position as bridging technology and business operations. 

“I oversee the construction materials tech space at Clyde Companies,” LaNette said. “That includes technologies related to all construction materials—concrete, asphalt, aggregates, and our fly ash operations.” 

Her role as an Enterprise Program Director is critical in helping subsidiaries of Clyde Companies run efficiently. The biggest part of her job is showing how technology makes a difference by integrating it with current business processes. LaNette is challenged to make sure users think of the apps she helps integrate as their own tools, setting themselves and the company up for success. It’s a role LaNette never expected to have along her journey with Clyde Companies. 

“I initially began as a part-time dispatcher while attending college,” LaNette said. “When the company was implementing a new dispatch system, I was invited to a subcommittee meeting to address issues with implementation. After that initial meeting, I was recommended to lead the project. Since then, I’ve been passionate about technology and its integration into the construction materials sector.” 

LaNette knows the company has helped develop her career through the years to grow into the role she has now. She loves her job because of the enthusiasm she has felt from everyone around her as well as the opportunities afforded her at Clyde Companies. 

“I am set up for success by the support I receive from the team members I have the opportunity to work with,” LaNette said. “That’s number one. Mentoring from leadership is number two. And third, I am constantly challenged which inspires me to continuously develop new skills.” 

Her colleague, Darren Paulson, who also works as an Enterprise Program Director and has known LaNette for over 20 years, believes she knows how to achieve exceptional results no matter the situation. 

“LaNette has a unique inherent ability to blend business and technology,” Darren said. “She understands the business and what it needs, and she knows how to seamlessly apply technology to make it better. She’s determined to make sure new and existing processes work for us, and she has a tremendous enthusiasm for her work that’s very commendable.” 

Building a Better Community is what LaNette does, and her passion for her work is evident in her dedication to Clyde Companies.  

“I love what I do,” she said. “I love being able to make a difference in helping the company grow.” 

In addition to helping Clyde Companies, LaNette has given her time and energy to a peer group helping develop a BCMI mobile app—software designed to make ordering concrete and bulk construction materials easier—a real game changer for the industry. Despite LaNette’s busy schedule, her crucial role continues to evolve. But for her, the challenge is part of the thrill. 

“I’m excited to see what the future holds for Clyde Companies,” LaNette said. “And I’m honored to be a part of it.” 

LaNette’s story is a testament to how much Clyde Companies values its people. Her commitment to making a difference through her work reflects the company’s values and demonstrates how anyone can succeed at their job with the right mindset and push to succeed.