Clyde Companies Employees Participate in Political Development Series

WLI Political Development Series

Elsie Powley and Mindi Wright were recently encouraged by Clyde Companies’ leadership to participate in the Political Development Series offered by the Women’s Leadership Institute. The program helped reinforce the necessary skills and confidence to pursue public office while allowing them to grow and advance in their careers. 

Elsie and Mindi were among 36 women across Utah who participated in the program, which included workshops, training sessions, and networking opportunities. 

The Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI) is a nonprofit organization based in Salt Lake City that focuses on developing women’s leadership skills in business, politics, and community service. The Political Development Series is a six-month program that provides women with the tools and resources they need to run for elected office. 

Elsie and Mindi were impressed with the quality of the program and the knowledge and expertise of the WLI staff. They learned about the political process, fundraising, and communication strategies, as well as how to develop a campaign plan and build a team. 

“Research from the Utah Women Leadership Project found that nations and communities with substantial numbers of women in leading, decision-making roles are significantly correlated to the best outcomes for safety, quality of life, and life expectancy,” Elsie said. “I am sincerely thankful that Clyde Companies actively builds leadership capacity in women, not only improving individual outcomes, but entire communities and nations too. This is their mission statement, Building a Better Community, in action!” 

“This was such a great opportunity,” Mindi said. “I gained valuable knowledge and skills, and I also made connections with other women who are passionate about making a difference in their communities. The WLI staff was incredibly supportive and provided us with the resources we needed to succeed.” 

Looking ahead, Mindi plans to run for city council in Springville with Elsie serving as her campaign manager. They each feel better equipped to manage the process thanks to the Political Development Series. 

Clyde Companies is committed to supporting the career development of their employees, especially women. The company recognizes the importance of having diverse perspectives and experiences in leadership roles. Clyde Companies’ support of Elsie and Mindi’s political aspirations shows how companies can actively support their employees’ career development. 

This support is a testament to Clyde Companies’ commitment to gender equality and diversity in leadership. Clyde Companies is not just talking about it but actively making things happen by providing the necessary resources to help women succeed.

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