Clyde Companies Honored with Legacy Award

Legacy Award

The Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce recently awarded Clyde Companies with the 2022 Legacy Award, an honor given to a long-standing business in the Intermountain West, at its 135th Annual Meeting in downtown Salt Lake City.

Clyde Companies believes in building for the future while also embracing the past. Founded in 1926, Clyde Companies was founded on certain values that it continues to live by today. The principles of “We Value People,” “Our Word is Our Bond,” “Always Give a Full Measure,” and “We Continuously Improve” have shaped the legacy of the company, helping secure the Legacy Award nomination.  

“We’re grateful to the Salt Lake Chamber for recognizing us for this Legacy Award,” said Jeremy Hafen, President of Clyde Companies. “It really belongs to the original founders of the company, all the generations of leadership that have come up to this point, and also the 5,000 employees that we have across the organization. I just applaud all of those who work for us and those who have in the past to be able to make this possible.” 

Clyde Companies has become a leader in innovation, sustainability, and technology. The company knows its past and has a vision focused on the future. Over the past century, a solid reputation has been created that will only continue to increase for another 100 years. Clyde Companies is committed to extending its legacy by always helping in Building a Better Community