We Value People: Jared Campbell

Jared Campbell

Jared Campbell has been working at Clyde Companies for nearly 15 years. He’s seen a lot of change through his time with the company, including spending time as the only member of the Marketing Department for a time. 

“I was hired in 2008 right before the downturn in the economy,” Jared said. “It was really hard to find a job at that time, but Clyde Companies needed a graphic designer. There were just two of us in the department at that point. Shortly after, I became a marketing team of one. I wore many hats and did a variety of work including graphic design, photography, setting up for trade shows and events, ordering company swag, updating websites, placing print advertising (including Yellow Page ads), and publishing the company newsletter.” 

That variety kept Jared engaged and allowed him to utilize his skills on a wide range of projects. 

“For me, it helps that we have so many different businesses,” Jared said. “It’s almost like working for an agency, which is what graphic design is all about. I think a lot of in-house positions could get very dull very fast. But because Clyde Companies is a parent company and includes subsidiaries that aren’t all in the same industry, there’s a lot of variety. 

“There was even a time when Clyde Companies had a restaurant, and I got to do a bunch of graphic design work for it. Even though most of what I work on is construction-related, it seems that there’s always enough variety to keep things interesting.” 

Clyde Companies has continued to grow and expand during Jared’s time with the company. He has appreciated a fairly recent incentive allowing him to telecommute. 

“When the pandemic hit, it coincided with a shift in my personal life as well,” Jared said. “It was a perfect storm of circumstances that made permanently working from home desirable for me. It has allowed me the flexibility I need while being a single dad. Everybody tried working from home for a little while during the start of the pandemic but very few ended up continuing that option. It works great for me though. Even when I come back to the office for meetings or events, I still feel very much at home.” 

While Jared’s office views have changed over time, his commitment to the company has always stayed the same. 

“It’s an exciting time to be an employee here because of all the growth that just keeps exponentially accelerating,” Jared said. “The progression I’ve seen in my career here likely pales in comparison to the growth ahead. Being able to see how I can contribute to that growth on a larger marketing team keeps me going. It’s a lot more fun to be a part of a bigger team than when it was just me or a team of two. I prefer getting lots of perspectives and bouncing things off of others.” 

The Marketing Department has now grown to include nine full-time employees with unlimited potential for more growth as Clyde Companies continues to grow and expand into new geographic areas and trades. And with that, Jared doesn’t see himself leaving Clyde Companies anytime soon. 

“A common perception used to be that the longer you stayed with the company, the better,” Jared said. “Now, it seems that most people want to switch companies every three to five years. That’s not me. I’m here with Clyde Companies for the long haul.”