We Value People: Taylor Frossard

Taylor Frossard

For Taylor Frossard, a career in human resources didn’t make sense until late in his college years at Utah Valley University. 

“I was in a pickle getting into my third year of college without knowing what to study,” Taylor said. “I had looked at many options from teaching to law enforcement, when an extended family member mentioned that her dad works in human resources and that the two of us have similar personalities. Some of those characteristics have helped him be successful in his career, and that sparked my interest in human resources. I started looking into it from there and found that it has lots of aspects that interest me. I have loved what I have learned and have been doing ever since.” 

He’s appreciative of Clyde Companies and the opportunity he’s had to progress in human resources after getting his start with the company. 

“I reached out to Clyde Companies when I was looking for an internship as a requirement for school,” Taylor said. “With hardly any experience, HR jobs and internships are not easy to come by, or at least it didn’t seem that way while I was looking. I was fortunate to happen upon that opportunity and after my internship, they brought me on full time.” 

As with just about any job, there has been a learning curve, but Taylor is more than willing to do what it takes to excel at his position. 

“Being in school, you learn a lot, but it’s just not the same as being in a professional career,” Taylor said. “My eyes have been opened being here. I’ve really been able to get my hands dirty, and Clyde Companies has been very good at providing me with the resources I need to be successful. All of it is helping me grow and improve myself both as a person and as a professional.” 

One of those resources has been the opportunity to pursue a Professional Human Resources (PHR) certification. With the completion of his bachelor’s degree, two full years of experience, and a lot of studying, Taylor will take the certification test next summer. Clyde Companies will cover the cost of some study materials as well as the exam itself. 

Clyde Companies has been a great fit for Taylor. Although, he didn’t imagine that he’d be working in the construction industry again—a path he was familiar with earlier in life. 

“Right after graduating high school, I worked for a masonry company doing labor work,” Taylor said. “Coming back to the construction side of things in this capacity has been cool. I like being able to tell people about the different projects throughout the company and how Clyde Companies is striving to build a better community. I also like helping take care of the people who make those projects possible. The construction industry wasn’t necessarily something that I was searching for, per se, but it’s been great for me.” 

Clyde Companies has opened doors for Taylor, and a big part of that involves the people that he interacts with every day.  

“Having the opportunity to learn and grow from professionals within the company who are very knowledgeable in what they’re doing has been a great opportunity,” Taylor said. “Everyone has different backgrounds across all of the different subsidiary companies, and I’ve found that there are bits and pieces to learn from everyone.” 

As someone who oversees new hire orientation, Taylor has the unique opportunity to meet people as they first start out at the company and then see them progress through their careers. He has been able to see firsthand the value of Clyde Companies in so many lives.

“If you’re looking for somewhere that will provide you with a career and help you develop in the process, I think Clyde Companies is the place to be,” Taylor said. “We’re growing like crazy, and there are endless opportunities for personal and professional growth.”