Heavy Civil Endowed Professorship Begins at UVU

Intern on the job

Utah Valley University is set to launch the Clyde Companies Heavy Civil Endowed Professorship to help fund a prestigious faculty position within the university’s construction management program. 

Professorship donations typically finance a portion of a professor’s salary for a specified period of time. Specifically, the Clyde Companies Heavy Civil Endowed Professorship award criteria are as follows: 

  • Appointed by the UVU Dean of Engineering and Technology 
  • Appointed for a three-year term with option to renew 
  • $10,000 in salary awarded 
  • The remaining annual award shall be used for enhancing the Heavy Civil program for best practices in the heavy highway industry 

The professorship comes with $520,000 in funds generated from a previous $1 million donation. That donation from 2007 helped establish the Clyde Institute of Construction Management at UVU (then Utah Valley State College). 

Clyde Companies has a legacy of supporting local education initiatives. It’s part of our roadmap to Building a Better Community. Our partnerships with school districts, local universities (including UVU), and trade schools offer valuable opportunities for members of our community, including course instruction, safety education, job exploration, job shadowing, internships, apprenticeships, and employment.