Sunroc’s Contractor Rewards Program

Sunroc Rewards, Contractor Rewards ProgramWe get it. Your projects are complex, time consuming and unique. Your work begins way before the foundation is poured or the walls go up. From project start to completion, your focus is centered on the success of that job.

At Sunroc, we’re grateful that you’ve decided to partner with us for quality building materials for your projects. We like to reward that loyalty by putting the focus back on you. Trip to Tahiti? Relaxing in Riviera Maya? Or just want to get a few new toys for your outdoor adventures? Our contractor rewards program is designed to give you back what you need most after finishing that big project. Read on to find out more about our contractor rewards program.

Sunroc’s Contractor Rewards Program
Sunroc Rewards is offered to professional builders, remodelers, and trade contractors. We reward our clients for ongoing brand loyalty with valuable prizes, including: trips, gift cards and more. Sunroc Rewards lets you earn rewards for you, your employees and your spouse, just for buying products from Sunroc Building Materials and other participating Clyde Companies. It’s free and easy to participate.

It’s simple. All customers with an account at a participating Clyde Company are eligible to sign up for the Sunroc contractor rewards program. There are no minimums required for number of purchases or amount spent. So if you haven’t signed up, take advantage of this contractor rewards program and put your buying power to work.

Getting Started
Contact your sales representative from any of the participating companies —Sunroc Building Materials, Geneva Rock Products or Sunroc Corporation— and they’ll get you enrolled and earning points in no time. After you are signed up, every qualified purchase you make with a participating company is eligible for point accrual. Pay that invoice within credit account terms, and the points are yours.

As a Sunroc Contractor Rewards Participant, you’ll receive a unique login and password to where you can access information about your invoices, payments and current points balance. You can even redeem your points online.

Earning Points
The formula for earning points is easy: pay your invoice in full within credit account terms and receive 1 point per dollar spent on qualifying purchases. Points and invoices are tracked online in the Rewards Account page. As a Sunroc Contractor Rewards participant, you will have a unique login and password to access your company’s rewards account. The Rewards Account page is updated every business day, Monday through Friday, by 9 a.m. to reflect payments, new charges and points balance. Sunroc Rewards points never expire, as long as you remain a customer in good standing.

Qualifying Purchases
All building materials, concrete, sand, gravel and masonry products purchased from a participating company are eligible for points. Construction services are not eligible for points accrual. If you have further questions about qualifying purchases or payments and what it means for your Rewards Account, please contact your sales representative.

Redeeming Your Points
Redeeming your Sunroc Contractor Rewards points is simple. Once logged in to the Sunroc Rewards website, click ‘Rewards Catalog’ and make your selection based on your redeemable points balance.

Sunroc Contractor Rewards points are broken into two categories: earned and redeemable. The earned category includes points from all qualifying purchases and payments from any of the three participating companies. Redeemable points are what you can actually apply toward a reward. At least half of the points redeemed must be from Sunroc Building Materials.

For more information about our contractor rewards program, visit our Sunroc Rewards Site.

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