Employees Assist at Draper Cycle Park

Draper City is currently in the process of building an extensive mountain bike park at the base of Corner Canyon. With the mountain bike pocket park and main trail-head portions complete, this Cycle Park has already become a popular destination for Draper residents and members of the surrounding Wasatch Front community.

A recent sticker-y situation had presented a few disruptions at the park. A weed called puncturevine, often referred to as ‘goathead’ had taken over portions of the trail. The stickers from this weed were causing major problems for cyclists.

To prevent popped tires for the masses, Geneva Rock worked with city managers to plan a day of service that would help eliminate the pesky weed at the Draper Cycle Park. On October 29th, crews hauled in bark mulch and then spent the day spreading and seeding the mulch. The seed will sprout and grow native grasses that should keep the puncturevine weeds at bay.

We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of such a worthwhile project that will enhance the lives of those who chose to use the cycle park. We take seriously our company mission to always be ‘Building a Better Community’, and wish to thank each employee who donated their time and skills to make this project a success. Special thanks to Waylund Ludlow, Adam Anderson and Aimee Richards for their work in helping to organize this project.

For your information, future facilities at the Draper Cycle Park include a velodrome, criterium course, in-line skating, cyclocross course, kids cycling facilities and a climbing wall.

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