Clyde Companies Empowers Future Builders in JA City

JA City

Clyde Companies proudly collaborated with Junior Achievement of Utah to create the captivating Woodbury JA City at the University Place Mall in Orem. Within this immersive setting, thousands of fifth and eighth grade students are able to embark on an experiential learning journey. 

Built to resemble a real city center with a utilities company, restaurants, and other local businesses, the Clyde Companies room stood out, offering a glimpse into the world of builders and inspiring the dreams of aspiring construction professionals. 

Clyde Companies chose to participate in JA City to help educate youth about the opportunities for careers in the construction field. JA City is a perfect educational setting for this because it provides a hands-on experience that helps students learn about the different aspects of construction. This can help dispel some of the misconceptions that younger generations may have about the industry. 

Current plans allow for around 150 students to occupy the space each week throughout the school year. Leading up to their visits, students explore careers available at the city, interview for their top job choices, and are hired for a specific job in the city. On location, the students work together in teams to successfully operate their businesses. 

Junior Achievement is the nation’s largest organization dedicated to providing young people with the knowledge and skills they need to plan for their futures and achieve economic success. Junior Achievement cities are operated nationwide. 

Clyde Companies remains committed to supporting educational initiatives and nurturing the dreams of future generations, an integral part of Building a Better Community. Together with Junior Achievement of Utah and like-minded partners, Clyde Companies hopes to always empower young minds, fostering a brighter future built on passion, innovation, and endless possibilities.