We Value People: De-Wayne Dennis

With his passion for technology, De-Wayne Dennis is helping reshape the way data and information flow within Clyde Companies. His love for the field comes from his grandfather, who instilled in him a love for problem-solving and an eagerness to explore the inner workings of devices. 

“I’m a problem solver by nature, so I naturally enjoy a good challenge,” De-Wayne said. “It pushes me to think creatively and find innovative solutions that drive our operations forward.” 

Having spent just over a decade at Clyde Companies, De-Wayne has held various positions within the IT department, but his current role as the Data Integration and Content Presentation Lead is where he has found his stride. Responsible for the seamless integration of data across internal and external systems, De-Wayne also utilizes his expertise to build applications that enhance productivity within the company. Ryan Marchant, Director of IT Infrastructure, believes De-Wayne has made significant contributions in his role. 

“De-Wayne is a true asset to our team,” Ryan said. “His dedication to solving complex challenges and his innovative mindset have substantially improved our data integration processes. He has a keen eye for detail and his work has helped transform the way we operate as a company.” 

Reflecting on his career trajectory, De-Wayne never imagined that his IT work would help in Building a Better Community

“I don’t know if I chose the construction industry as much as it chose me,” De-Wayne said. “I had a friend who was leaving Clyde Companies and recommended me for an opening. At the time, I was interning elsewhere and expecting my first child, so the opportunity for stability and a competitive salary was exactly what I needed.” 

De-Wayne’s passion for technology extends beyond his day-to-day responsibilities. He is captivated by the increasing integration of IT into the construction field. 

“I love how much technology is in construction,” De-Wayne said. “It is one of the things that was an epiphany for me when I first started working at Clyde Companies. As we continue to integrate IT into construction, I’m excited to see the day when technology truly informs our business decisions.” 

Looking ahead, De-Wayne remains focused on leveraging his knowledge to create something impactful. He believes technology holds the key to future changes in the industry no matter the current state of the world. 

“We’ve witnessed how disruptions in the supply chain and remote work have affected every industry, specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic,” De-Wayne said. “Embracing innovation and change will be crucial to successfully navigate future storms.” 

Ultimately, De-Wayne is most proud about the software he has built over the years.  

“Creating something that solves a problem brings with it a great sense of accomplishment,” De-Wayne said. “Even if some of the software is no longer in use, I’m still very proud of what I’ve achieved throughout my time here. The best feeling is when someone says, ‘This has made my job so much easier’ or ‘I don’t know how we worked without this in the past.’ That’s what’s most rewarding about my work.”