We Value People: Kamren Garfield

We Value People: Kam Garfield

Early on in college, Kamren Garfield wasn’t sure which career field was right for him. That all changed one afternoon while talking to a friend. 

“I had asked a buddy of mine what his life plans were, and he mentioned that he had just received an internship at a copper mine,” Kamren said. “I had a one-hour break between classes, so I applied to four internship openings with that same company. I didn’t know what an environmental engineer did at the time, but I applied and ended up getting the internship. It was one moment that changed everything.” 

That internship helped Kamren move his career in a direction that ultimately led him today to his position as an environmental specialist at Clyde Companies.  

“They don’t have a construction management program at Utah State,” Kamren said. “But I knew I wanted to study dirt and rocks. So, I ended up getting a hydrogeology degree with an engineering emphasis. It’s not the most interesting or invigorating topic to most people, but it’s needed and is so transferable across different industries.” 

After graduation, Kamren received a full-time offer at an Arizona copper mine stemming from his internship. But he and his wife ultimately knew they wanted to move back to Utah. 

“I worked for a big mining company,” Kamren said. “I worked on everything from air quality permitting and compliance to hazardous waste management. It was a good position in a great area; however, we wanted to be closer to family. Clyde Companies was the only company I applied to after looking around at openings in the area. I’m so glad I made the leap. It has honestly been a great change.” 

Kamren’s skillset easily transferred over to his current position where he spends most of his time supporting Sunroc, WW Clyde, and IHC Scott with air and water quality permitting on its industrial sites. 

“It’s awesome to be able to travel to our various operations to get eyes on all the different processes,” Kamren said. “It’s important for me to make sure that we’re providing the services that Clyde Companies’ subsidiaries need.” 

For Kamren, it’s the people that keep him invested in the work, and it’s why he’s stayed with the company for 3.5 years now. 

“I love interacting with everybody from the leadership on down to the guys on the ground,” Kamren said. “I just enjoy being able to interact with a bunch of different types of people. It’s fun to see the pride they take in the work they do.” 

Kamren is proud to see the influence of Clyde Companies felt throughout Utah and its neighboring states. 

“I love driving around and seeing a Sunroc, WW Clyde, or Geneva Rock truck or project that a crew is working on,” Kamren said. “It’s nice to know that I helped in a small part. It’s a source of pride. I’m not the one out there running a crusher or any other piece of equipment, but that’s how I can see my impact. It’s great that I can play a small part in Building a Better Community.”