$60,000 Donation to Benefit BYU Marriott School of Business Students

Students at BYU Marriott School of Business

Clyde Companies recently donated $60,000 to benefit two groups of students within the Brigham Young University Marriott School of Business: students in the School of Accountancy (SOA) and students in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. 

The first $50,000 will help fund scholarships for underprivileged and/or underserved students looking to obtain a master’s degree in Accounting (MAcc). As one of the top accountancy programs in the nation, BYU’s SOA consistently provides outstanding opportunities to its graduates. 

Recipient students obtain their bachelor’s degree in accounting from another higher education institution and are then admitted to BYU for their MAcc. Without the generous financial support from donors such as Clyde Companies, the students identified to be assisted under the SOA Opportunity Initiative are unable to attend school at BYU. And once they are here, these students are likely to need extra support to adjust to the rigors of the SOA (e.g., tutoring, etc.). The number of eligible students far outpaces the resources currently available without the help of donors. 

The second donation of $10,000 will go towards a consultation operation from current MBA students. The MBA group is focused on developing consulting products (assessments and audits, education, and advisory services) to help companies deal with increasing pressure around Environmental, Social, and Governance performance, and around preparation for Web 3.0.   

Clyde Companies will work with the consultation group as a partner and “beta test” site for MBA teams to implement their products, refining them before taking them to the larger market. Revenue from these products supports MBA students through scholarships, learning trips, and other opportunities to deepen their skills. 

For nearly 100 years, Clyde Companies has worked diligently to maintain relationships with institutions of higher learning. We believe in giving back to the communities in which we work and reside. By investing in educational institutions such as BYU, Clyde Companies helps fulfill its mission of Building a Better Community