Clyde Companies Partners with the Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Utah Hispanic Chamber

Clyde Companies is thrilled to partner with the Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (UHCC), a cornerstone for Hispanic businesses in Utah since 1991. The collaboration is focused on community support and creating mutual growth between the companies. 

Supporting UHCC Events 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the UHCC had to close its doors for a year and has since been returning to normal operations. Clyde Companies decided to support and partner with the UHCC because the work it does helps in Building Better Communities

Recently, Clyde Companies has played a key role in supporting the UHCC’s “Contactos” networking events, hosting one in September and having Geneva Rock host another in November. These gatherings provide a venue for members and guests to develop new business opportunities. 

At the UHCC’s annual conference, Clyde Companies representatives did more than just provide a booth. Leonardo Osorio, Director of Human Resources at Sunpro, contributed his expertise on H-2B Visa hiring practices as a panelist. 

“The partnership between Clyde Companies and the Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is a strong one and together we focus on reaching out to all populations as we build better communities,” Leonardo said. “Clyde Companies supports events and activities as part of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts.” 

Developing Future Leaders 

This partnership also provides a unique opportunity for the development of some of Clyde Companies’ future leaders through collaboration with Executive Director Juan Pascua and Board Chair Randal Serr of the UHCC. 

Ariel Escobedo, the Marketing Manager at Clyde Companies, and others have attended UHCC events to provide support. 

“Working with the Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce really shows how much we value diversity and connection at Clyde Companies,” Ariel said. “We’re building a bridge between us and the Hispanic community, and we’re grateful to everyone across Clyde Companies who has been part of this ongoing effort.” 

As collaboration with the UHCC progresses, Clyde Companies is optimistic about future opportunities to elevate our community.