Ernie Thornton & Lowell Prince Receive Awards

everyoneuseWe are proud to note that two of our Sunroc employees received top recognition at the 2014 Clyde Interchange Event – an annual business meeting for members of the Clyde Companies family.

Congratulations to Ernie Thornton who was given the Outstanding Customer Service Award and Lowell Prince who was recognized for his dedication to our organization, receiving the Service to The Company Award. We appreciate the hard work they do for Sunroc and hope to continue to support them in their success. We are proud to have these men on our team.

The following profiles were read during the presentation, giving details of why each individual was selected for the award.

Ernie Thornton – Outstanding Customer Service

Ernie Thornton’s number one focus is the customer, and not because we say so, because they say so.

award4Many customers have praised Ernie’s work, including Provo City reps, who say it is refreshing and enjoyable to work with Ernie because they know he has their needs in mind.

The same clientele have also noted that their relationships with Ernie are not that of a colleague, but of a friend.

Ernie has been known to help clients with projects that are completely unrelated to the job at hand, including helping one customer move his barn and another with building a house.

These genuine relationships have helped Sunroc Corporation capture more than 5 million dollars in additional work in terms of project extras and future jobs.

Lowell Prince – Service to the Company

Lowell Prince is 100% committed to Clyde Companies. As Vice President Russell Leslie puts it, “He bleeds Sunroc red”.

award3Starting as a ready-mix driver and progressing his way up to the Cedar City Ready-Mix manager, Lowell has served the company in whatever capacity he’s asked. In fact, he has been known to drive a truck on a busy morning and change clothes to make sales calls in the afternoon.

It’s that type of work ethic and personal character that helps Lowell win over the trust and admiration of those he works with.

Lowell’s industry knowledge and ability to capitalize on opportunities to promote other products and services that the Clyde Companies offer has been key to his success. Thanks to his dedication, the Cedar City area has been a solid financial performer year after year.

Awards were presented by Clyde Companies President, Wilford Clyde with assistance from Rhys Weaver, President of Sunroc Corporation and Vice President of Clyde Companies.

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