Scholarship Donated to The Masters Academy of Art

The Masters Academy of Art

Clyde Companies recently donated a half tuition scholarship of $6,000 to The Masters Academy of Art to help a student in the community study and excel in the arts. 

The Academy, located in Springville, Utah, awards scholarships to high school students for summer classes through the annual high school show at the Springville Museum of Art. In total, students have received 40+ scholarships for summer workshops through the years. 

“In our 14 years of operating in Springville, we have had a number of amazing students who have come from all over the country and from as far away as Mexico, Guatemala, Turkey, and China to study with us,” said Ryan Brown, Director of The Masters Academy of Art. “Our sole outside support in offering scholarships has generously come from Clyde Companies. We are so grateful for their support and belief in our efforts. We can’t thank them enough for their help.” 

Prior to the start of the pandemic, The Masters Academy of Art was a classical drawing and painting academy with a full 4-year curriculum. Since the pandemic, the Academy has taken a mentorship-based approach to teaching, helping artists and students individually develop their artistic careers. Much of this is done remotely through Zoom with many of the students based outside of Utah. 

Additionally, the Academy organizes one major painting retreat each year, inviting several world class artists from all over the country and world to come together for the event. This year, the Academy has invited 11 artists from Montana, North Carolina, California, New York, and Paris to teach and paint in Zion National Park. 

To learn more about the mentorship program or workshops, visit the Academy’s website or follow the Academy on Instagram at @themastersacademyofart. The Academy’s YouTube channel contains several free tutorials as well as The Unvarnished Podcast

Clyde Companies is proud to invest in the arts and is heavily invested in local education programs. As part of its roadmap to Building a Better Community, partnerships with schools such as The Masters Academy of Art show its commitment to giving back to the people who will become the future of our communities.