Utah State Senator Mitt Romney Visits Clyde Companies

MItt Romney Visits Clyde Companies

During a recent visit to Clyde Companies, Utah State Senator Mitt Romney engaged in productive discussions with managers and employees about the company’s work and how it aligns with state goals.

“This visit presented a valuable opportunity to showcase the size and scope of our company,” said Jeremy Hafen, President and CEO of Clyde Companies. “It also served as a crucial moment to discuss key federal government issues impacting our ability to bring economic benefits to communities within Utah and surrounding states. We appreciate Senator Romney’s willingness to listen and understand the challenges we face, and his commitment to help us, where possible, to work through them.”

Clyde Companies has a strong commitment to responsible corporate citizenship and regularly collaborates with elected officials towards achieving shared objectives. Senator Romney’s visit was a testament to the importance of this partnership.

During his visit, Senator Romney met with Clyde Companies’ leadership team to discuss the company’s operations and the challenges it faces in the current economic climate. He also met with employees to answer questions and better understand their perspectives on how they can continue to work together towards common goals.

Throughout its history, Clyde Companies has been instrumental in supporting infrastructure projects that create jobs and stimulate economic growth as well as promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility in the construction industry.

Senator Romney’s visit to Clyde Companies was an important step in highlighting the important role it plays in Building a Better Community.