Utah Trail Network Funded After Clyde Companies’ Support

Paved Trails

Clyde Companies is proud to support the funding of the Utah Trail Network, an initiative meant to provide new and improved biking and walking options to Utah residents. The upcoming network will provide safe, accessible trails that promote healthy lifestyles, improve air quality, and enhance the beauty of the state. 

“Trails are true necessities in Utah’s communities, offering a healthier lifestyle, boosting the economy, and positively impacting individual health,” said Jeremy Hafen, President and CEO of Clyde Companies. “We’re excited to be part of this effort to make our state an even better place to live, work, and play.” 

The Utah Trail Network vision was first proposed by Utah Governor Spencer J. Cox in October 2022 as a sustainable means of enhancing the quality of life for Utahns and visitors for years to come. Clyde Companies supported the initiative along with nearly 500 community leaders. 

During the 2023 General Legislative Session, legislation passed that allocated $45 million in one-time funding and $45 million in ongoing funding to create the family-friendly paved trail network across the state. 

By supporting the Utah Trail Network, Clyde Companies demonstrates its commitment to Building a Better Community. Helping Utah residents of all ages and abilities receive healthy transportation and recreation options is another way Clyde Companies stands out as a responsible corporate citizen.