Volunteer Project at Mehraban Wetlands

Waylund Ludlow from Geneva Rock contacted Draper City and wanted to work on a project to show their support for the city and give back to the community. They didn’t just want to give materials, they wanted to help. They met with David Decker, Draper Public Works Director, and decided to work on clearing trees and brush in the Mehraban Wetlands. They brought in a bobcat and the city provided a woodchipper. Geneva Rock’s administration and management staff were the ones that worked on the project. Eighteen volunteers worked to clear underbrush and lower branches and spread the wood chips on the trail. The Draper City Mayor, City Manager, Mayor, Parks & Recreation staff and Public Works crews came out to help and thank Geneva Rock employees. “It was just fun, it brought our group closer together. We even had shoveling competitions,” said Waylund Ludlow. “We are planning to help the community again next year.”

Mayor Darrell H. Smith shakes Jim Golding’s hand to thank Geneva Rock staff for volunteering at the Mehraban Wetlands.

From left to right: Waylund Ludlow, Asphalt Manager; Ed Clayton, Agregate Manager over the Draper Point of the Mountain Facilities; Jim Golding, President; and Carl Clyde, Vice President of Sand & Gravel Division.

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