We Value People: Hayden Oliver

Hayden Oliver

Hayden Oliver has enjoyed working through the growing pains that Clyde Companies has experienced since he arrived in 2016. 

“From the time that I started, our revenue has grown almost two and a half times over,” Hayden said. “But along with it comes a lot of different challenges. They’ve certainly kept me engaged. Staying on top of the different issues that come up and creating new ways to go about certain processes has been challenging, but I think a lot of growth has come from it.” 

Hayden’s journey to the company began after an employee referred him to an open position in his field. 

“I started in accounts receivable as a clerk and did that for a couple of years,” Hayden said. “Once I finished my associate degree, I moved to payroll processing for some of Clyde Companies’ subsidiary companies. After I completed my undergraduate degree, I moved to financial reporting as a staff accountant. At the end of 2021, I became an accounting manager. I oversee closing the accounting month, making sure all of the transactions are recorded in the right place, and producing the monthly financial statements.” 

A career in accounting always seemed to make sense for Hayden growing up. He didn’t, however, expect to be working in construction, despite family ties to the industry. 

“I had some exposure to accounting growing up,” Hayden said. “My dad worked in construction as a general contractor. He wasn’t great when it came to the books side of things, so I developed a little bit of an interest there. I realized how important that part of the job was, and I had some of those skills. 

“Growing up with a dad as a general contractor and working the summers with him got me interested in the construction field. I didn’t expect to be working in the industry as an accountant though, it just kind of worked out that way.” 

After completing both bachelor’s and master’s degrees, Hayden continues to learn more about his field. He has a short-term goal to complete his Certified Public Accountant certification. 

“I’ll be taking my last CPA exam here shortly,” Hayden said. “After that, I’m open to several future paths, including working in operations. I’ve learned to always be willing to try new things and ask questions. I’ve found that through my career it might seem that people are too busy to answer questions, but in reality, they’re more than willing to explain processes or get me involved in different projects. I think that if you show some initiative and that you want to do a little bit more, you’ll move up. I think that’s partially been what has helped me get to where I am. I’ve learned to just work hard and things will work out.” 

Hayden loves what Clyde Companies stands for and truly believes that its values resonate with him individually. 

“The Clyde Companies values are the same values that I hope to aspire for in myself,” Hayden said. “I really enjoy the people that I work with and the friendships that I’ve developed over the years. I think something that really matters to a lot of people is feeling that their work is actually doing something. Clyde Companies is really good at highlighting employees’ work to help them feel valued. There’s a fantastic culture here, and it’s been great.”