We Value People: Kiersten Backus

We value people: Kiersten Backus

As an accounts receivable supervisor, Kiersten Backus’s dedication to problem-solving and her love for the construction industry have made her an invaluable member of the Clyde Companies’ team. She remains grateful for the chance she’s been given to work at the company.  

A Family Connection and Perseverance 

“My family’s deep-rooted connection with Clyde Companies has been a major influence on my career,” Kiersten said. “Hearing about the exceptional work environment and opportunities from my aunt, Bev Newman, who works at Geneva Rock, ignited my passion for joining the company.” 

Though, at first, it wasn’t easy getting in the door. 

“Persistence was key in securing my position,” Kiersten said. “I applied for the role three times before finally landing an interview and securing the job. I never lost sight of my goal and kept pushing forward.” 

Kiersten’s determination and persistence eventually led her to the position she now thrives in; her desire to work at Clyde Companies had finally paid off. Now, she gets to enjoy the day-to-day tasks and obstacles thrown her way that help her grow in her career. 

Embracing the Numbers in Work 

“Surprisingly, I find joy in data entry and numbers,” Kiersten said. “I cherish the constant nature they bring to life; they provide predictability and order.” 

While many might find crunching numbers tedious, Kiersten finds immense fulfillment in her role as an accounts receivable supervisor. She embraces the precision and reliability that numbers offer, finding satisfaction in the intricate nature of her work. 

“One of the most exhilarating aspects of my job is the detective work involved,” Kiersten said. “I thoroughly enjoy problem-solving and uncovering the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ behind financial situations. It’s about finding resolutions and preventing similar issues in the future to ultimately serve our customers better.” 

And Kiersten always goes about her work with a positive attitude and smile. 

“Kiersten is so good at solving problems and figuring things out,” said Kristi Allen, Accounts Receivable Manager. “You would never know that she ever has a bad day, she is so positive and happy all the time! She’s everyone’s biggest cheerleader.” 

The Construction Community 

It’s easy to cheer one another on when you’re surrounded by those who want to see you succeed. 

“One of the unique aspects of working in construction is the strong sense of community,” Kiersten said. “It’s incredible to drive around the state and recognize familiar faces—‘That’s Geneva Rock, I work with them. That’s Sunroc, I work with them.’ The construction world is tightly-knit, and I’ve really grown to love that.” 

Through her work, Kiersten has not only contributed to Clyde Companies’ success but has also become an integral part of a community. She cherishes the connections she has made and will continue to make within both the construction and finance industries.

We value people: Kiersten Backus