Clyde Companies Contributes to Springville’s Art City Days

Wilford Clyde at Art City Days

Art City Days, Springville’s annual summer celebration, brings together families and community members for a week of festivities. Clyde Companies, a steadfast sponsor of the event, plays an active role in enhancing the experience and promoting community togetherness. 

Wilford W. Clyde, Chairman of Clyde Companies and a Springville native, expressed his enthusiasm for Art City Days. He shared, “I’ve always taken great pride in being a part of this celebration. The event provides a wonderful opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate Springville’s vibrant culture and spirit. It warms my heart to see neighbors and friends creating memories in our shared love for this town.” 

Art City Days offers a diverse range of entertainment, including a 5K Color Run, rodeo, carnival, balloon festivals, food, and many other family-friendly activities. 

This year, Clyde Companies contributed to the ambiance by providing three trucks as tethers for hot air balloon rides. This experience allows attendees to soar above the festivities and create unforgettable memories. Additionally, Clyde Companies distributed helium balloons to children, adding an extra touch of joy to the event. 

Ally Isom, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, emphasized the significance of the event, saying, “The histories of Springville and Clyde Companies are woven together, so Art City Days is the perfect way to celebrate both. That early morning sight of the community gathering while the hot air balloons inflated and took flight was breathtaking.” 

Clyde Companies not only actively participates in Art City Days but also serves as a generous sponsor. Its financial support enables organizers to deliver high-quality entertainment and activities, ensuring the event’s success each year. 

The company’s participation aligns seamlessly with its mission of Building a Better Community. By actively engaging with the event, Clyde Companies is helping to foster a sense of pride and unity within Springville.