We Value People: Shone Touchin

We Value People: Shone Touchin

Shone Touchin is someone who truly puts his heart into everything he does. From growing up on a cattle ranch on the Navajo Reservation outside of Page, Arizona, to conquering towering mountains in Nepal, he approaches life with enthusiasm wherever he goes. 

Conquering New Heights 

Shone has since planted his roots in Springville and cherishes the tight-knit community, friendly neighbors, and the abundance of close outdoor activities that surround it. His love for the mountains and the outdoors brings him immense joy. In the winter of 2018, Shone had the opportunity to trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. 

“I reached an altitude of 18,500 feet on that awe-inspiring journey,” Shone said. “I got to see the sunset on the world’s tallest mountain. It was a humbling experience that made me appreciate the beautiful world we live in.” 

Channeling Passion into Professional Excellence 

Shone’s passion doesn’t stop at his personal endeavors—it also fuels his professional life as the facilities coordinator at Clyde Companies. He takes pride in helping manage over 150 facilities across multiple states, covering everything from landscaping to service requests and building remodels. Although his plate is always full, he always has energy to finish the job. 

“My role keeps me engaged and constantly on the move,” Shone said. “Seeing people appreciate and value our hard work is so satisfying. It’s nice to know that we’re making a difference.” 

Recognized Dedication and Reliability 

Shone’s dedication and work ethic have not gone unnoticed by Facilities Director Scott Folsom. Scott often speaks highly of Shone, noting his commitment to taking care of customers and his consistent growth over the past four years. 

“Shone exemplifies the qualities we value in our employees,” Scott said. “His dedication and performance have truly impressed me. He genuinely cares about his job and the people he serves. He’s definitely an asset here at Clyde Companies.” 

Transforming Spaces 

Recently, Shone and the facilities team successfully completed the interior remodel of Clyde Companies’ headquarters building. It was a challenging project that required careful planning and coordination. However, with meticulous attention to detail, Shone and the rest of the crew managed to finish ahead of schedule. 

“These projects are not only shaping the future of Clyde Companies but also providing better facilities for our employees and enhancing our operational capabilities,” Shone said. “It’s so rewarding to be at the forefront of Building a Better Community.” 

A Lasting Impact 

Shone is more than just a facilities coordinator—he’s a passionate individual who brings energy, dedication, and a can-do attitude to his role. By combining his love for the outdoors with his commitment to his work, his unique personality truly resonates with those around him. 

Clyde Companies quickly recognized Shone’s passion when he got here and has invested in his growth and development from day one, knowing that the investment in people is crucial for any organization’s success. 

“When you have a team that genuinely loves what they do, it creates a positive and productive work environment,” Shone said. “That’s what I’ve found at Clyde Companies, and that’s why I choose to stay here.”