Cultivating Talent with Clyde Companies’ Financial Development Program

FDP group

In the competitive landscape of accounting and finance, Clyde Companies has taken a bold approach to attract top talent and provide an alternative career path. With the introduction of the company’s Financial Development Program (FDP) last year, Clyde Companies offers a comprehensive internship and entry-level experience that rivals the offerings of big accounting firms. 

“We’re paving a new path for aspiring professionals with our Financial Development Program,” said Ryan Meyer, Chief Financial Officer. “Not only are we competing with top accounting firms, but we’re setting the bar even higher. We are maniacal about talent development and are working to become a go-to destination for individuals in accounting and finance who are seeking a best-in-class job experience.” 

Unique Opportunities for Interns 

Clyde Companies offers its interns real work experience in a dynamic environment before they join the FDP. During the 13-week program, participants work full-time, are provided a skilled and experienced mentor, engage in diverse and meaningful projects, and participate in fun team-building summer activities. These projects include reconciliations, financial statement reports, allocation methodology, fixed assets and depreciation, budgeting and forecasting, variance analysis, and supplemental tax reporting. 

There are additional flexible internship options during the school year. Clyde Companies believes traditional schooling should be a student’s priority but will provide a flexible work schedule around classes. 

Getting Started in the FDP 

Following the intern experience, strong candidates are offered a full-time Associate Financial Analyst (AFA) or Staff Accountant position, marking their entrance into the FDP. This timeline allows new employees to secure a job offer before entering their senior year of college. 

The program spans two years, during which participants engage in diverse roles that provide valuable experiences and leadership opportunities. During the two-year program, the participants are involved in different roles from Year 1 to Year 2. This provides participants with a clearer picture of what a career in accounting and finance looks like, as well as a broader understanding of end-to-end business process.  

Clyde Companies works towards developing the best talent, and does so by hosting conferences twice a year, offering exposure to C Suite members and other senior leaders, industry specific training, and functional development. These conferences are focused primarily on soft skills and developing leadership capabilities, while the internship itself focuses on technical skill development. 

At the conclusion of the two-year program, participants transition from an AFA or Staff Accountant position to a Financial Analyst or Senior Staff Accountant role. This allows them options to continue their career at Clyde Companies within the Accounting, Finance, Treasury, Shared Services, or Internal Audit departments with more opportunities and knowledge than they would have gained elsewhere. 

“It’s an exciting time to be working in the accounting and finance fields,” said Spencer Bowman, Director of Accounting at Clyde Companies. “We believe we’re giving our interns and new employees every chance possible to set them up for success. Work-life balance is so important, and our Finance Development Program seeks to enable that.” 

The History and Purpose 

Clyde Companies seeks access to the high talent student base available to them. Recognizing that large accounting firms are their primary competition for new hires, Clyde Companies sought to offer an experience that would match or exceed the first two years of work in any accounting or finance firm. 

The goal was to provide candidates with best-in-class resume building experiences that provide a well-rounded foundation for any career in accounting or finance.  Often, a career in public accounting is considered the only path to success.  With the FDP, Clyde Companies provides meaningful work and a sustainable lifestyle right from the start of participants’ careers and CPA certification is available for those that wish to pursue.   

Career paths are now easily defined, and future prospects are able to see exactly where an internship at Clyde Companies could lead them. A sample career path could be seen as follows: 

Success and Future Prospects 

The FDP was officially launched last year and has already garnered strong interest with applicants. With a focus on providing unique opportunities, hands-on experience, and exposure to leadership, the program offers a promising career path for aspiring finance and accounting professionals. As Clyde Companies continues to refine and enhance the program, its reputation as a destination for top talent will only grow stronger. 

For those interested in learning more about the program and applying, head to the Clyde Companies website.