Embracing Continuous Improvement Across Clyde Companies

Embracing Continuous Improvement

At Clyde Companies, our core value of “We Continuously Improve” is helping shape our culture and operations. With the recent integration of this value across our subsidiaries, we’re witnessing an evolution in our workplace and processes, one small step at a time. 

Continuous improvement (CI) is not about grand, sweeping changes. Instead, it’s about the small, daily actions each team member takes to enhance their work environment and processes. This way of working and thinking takes place throughout our entire organization. 

“Our company is passionate about CI,” said Jo Pendleton, Director of CI at Geneva Rock and current CI Committee chair for Clyde Companies. “We strive to find ways to reduce the waste in our processes so we can increase value to our customers. That means we are always on the lookout for new improvements, and we recognize that the best improvement ideas often come from those who are closest to the work—our frontline team members.” 

The Impact of Small Changes 

Across each subsidiary and department of Clyde Companies, we are seeing positive, incremental changes. From adding storage for trailer lights and covers for forklifts at Sunpro to improving accounting processes at Clyde Companies, CI has helped make the workplace a space of innovation and progress. 

The beauty of CI lies in its accessibility. Every team member, regardless of their role, is empowered to contribute—each small change collectively drives significant progress. 

“We encourage everyone to share their ideas and empower them to make changes within their areas of responsibility,” Jo said. “We have seen some remarkable improvements, some of them large but mostly a bunch of small things that reduce safety hazards, increase our efficiency, improve the quality of our products, and create a better working environment.” 

Continuous Improvement for Leaders 

To further this culture, Clyde Companies has introduced Leading Our Values: A Leader’s Playbook for “We Continuously Improve”. It was developed by the CI Committee and contains a framework for management teams to build their CI initiatives. It ensures everyone is strategically aligned while still having the ability to customize CI plans to meet the needs of the industry, team members, and customers.  

This resource is not restricted to management; it’s available to all team members to inspire goals for their personal development maps and help facilitate a vision for change. It serves as a guide to turning small, everyday improvements into substantial long-term gains. 

At Clyde Companies, CI is more than a principle; it’s a lived experience. By embracing this value, we not only enhance our work but also contribute to a culture of perpetual growth and development. It’s a journey we’re all part of, and each step, no matter how small, is a stride toward Building a Better Community