We Value People: Katie Wilson

We Value People: Katie Wilson

Anyone acquainted with Katie Wilson knows she has a knack for organization and an eye for detail. Although she considers herself “fairly ordinary,” the work she does is integral to the operations of Clyde Companies. 

Following a Family Legacy 

Having been with the company for nearly a decade, Katie handles the licensing for all vehicles in Utah, including the invoicing and quotes, to keep Clyde Companies’ expansive fleet running smoothly. A role that, while consistent, offers her a variety of challenges to tackle each day.  

“I love that I don’t have to do the same thing every day,” Katie said. “Prior to my career at Clyde Companies, I worked at a doctor’s office. It’s two different worlds, and they couldn’t be more different. I’m so glad I have some variety to my days.” 

Katie was very familiar with Clyde Companies and the construction industry before she began her role. Her husband works as a general contractor, and her father previously worked at Sunroc, a subsidiary of Clyde Companies. 

“I grew up in this world,” Katie said. “My dad worked as the Equipment Manager at Sunroc before he retired. I’ve known for a long time how great the Clyde Companies family of businesses are to work for.” 

Mastering Relationships 

Every December and March, she oversees the renewal process of hundreds of licenses—a task demanding precision, patience, and incredible attention to detail. However, what perhaps stands out most is Katie’s ability to develop relationships. 

“I truly value the friendships I’ve made with people here,” Katie said. “Having a group of people that you can trust and rely on is huge. I especially feel like we have a good group of people in our area. I feel like I get along well with everyone here.” 

Spencer Bowman, the Director of Accounting at Clyde Companies, couldn’t agree more. 

“Katie exemplifies what it means to care for her job,” Spencer said. “She is always taking the next step to ensure that she is handling new situations correctly. She cares about others, her work, and about getting better. We love Katie Wilson!”

Sticking Around for the Long Run 

Katie also appreciates Clyde Companies’ commitment to Building a Better Community by valuing its employees and offering competitive benefits to keep employees around. 

“I’m not looking to go anywhere,” Katie said. “Once you find a good environment and group of people to work with, there’s no turning back.”