IHC Scott Donates Diapers for Families in Need

IHC Scott recently donated $14,160 to the HomeAid Colorado: Builders for Babies diaper drive, a contribution the company has made for four-consecutive years.

The donated funds purchased 99,200 total diapers, furthering HomeAid Colorado’s goal of collecting 2 million diapers in 2022. HomeAid Colorado has held the diaper drive for seven years now.

The donated diapers will provide a month’s supply to 658 children in need. They will be distributed to low-income families across the state of Colorado who are experiencing or are at risk of homelessness. Without transportation, extra storage space, or their own laundry facilities, many parents are forced to purchase disposable diapers at convenience stores within walking distance of their homes. This means paying premium prices for diapers, which can place a dangerous strain on already limited resources.

Over 38% of infants and toddlers in Colorado live in low-income families and rarely have access to clean diapers. An average family spends upwards of $1,000 for one child on diapers each year, which is a great expense for families whose income is scarce. HomeAid Colorado’s goal will hopefully provide enough diapers for thousands of children across Colorado, helping them and their families feel a little less burdened.

Cindy Bell, the Executive Director at HomeAid Colorado said, “Thanks to the generosity of IHC Scott, we were able to purchase eight pallets of diapers that will greatly impact families in our community!”

IHC Scott is honored to be a part of this great cause and hopes to give back to this organization for years to come, upholding its values as a company while Building a Better Community.

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