We Value People: Mauna Wolfgramm

Mauna Wolfgram

For Mauna Wolfgramm, working for Clyde Companies has been a family affair. 

“My whole family is in construction,” Mauna said. “My dad works for Geneva Rock in the construction division performing earthwork. My brother had been at Geneva Rock for over 20 years, and my son just started at Geneva Rock last year.” 

Having not previously worked in the construction industry, Mauna was persuaded by family to join Clyde Companies seven years ago. 

“My brother was a superintendent at Geneva Rock at the time,” Mauna said. “He told me that Clyde Companies was hiring, and that I should apply. It was a position at the help desk. I loved that it was closer to home and included amazing benefits. I did that for about two years before there was an opening for a systems administrator over construction services. Now, I work as a concrete system analyst.” 

The work Mauna performs involves every aspect of the concrete workflow, from inception to placement. 

“We have all these technology systems that our companies use every day,” Mauna said. “What I oversee is the concrete division as a whole — whether it’s creating tickets at the concrete batch plant, producing the concrete, or shipping it out on trucks to the customers, we have quite a few systems that integrate with each other. They all report up to the same master system. It’s a fairly complex process.” 

Mauna loves the work that he does because of the constant, unique challenges it provides. 

“I think every day is a new challenge,” Mauna said. “One of the biggest challenges occurs when acquiring new companies. We work to make sure they’re aligned with our company vision and where Clyde Companies is going as a whole. With that comes onboarding and bringing them into our systems. Because of the nature of the situation, there’s not usually a lot of lead time for these acquisitions, so it’s often a last-minute process. But we have a great team that knows how to work together to make things happen.” 

Despite the inherent challenges of the position, Mauna has loved his time with Clyde Companies. He would encourage anyone looking for a new job to learn about the benefits of the company. 

“The work-life balance is beyond anything you could imagine,” Mauna said. “If you need some time off, they know. If you’re there to work, you’re there to work. So, that’s probably a top priority here. There’s never a question about that. Second, I would say the people that we work with and the relationships that we have with each other are amazing. I can go to anybody and ask them questions about anything. Additionally, the benefits packages are really good here. A lot of people look at the dollar amount of their salary, but they aren’t looking at the long-term big picture. I think if somebody’s looking long-term for a good fit, Clyde Companies can offer that to you. 

“Another part of what Clyde Companies offers is the vision and direction provided for employees. You have people that have been here for a long time, and there’s a reason why. I think we have great people in positions throughout the company, and we just continue to grow. Clyde Companies offers its employees an opportunity to move into those key positions, and I love that forward-thinking mentality.” 

Mauna Wolfgram