We Value People: Robert Gower

We Value People: Robert Gower

As the world becomes more reliant on technology, people like Robert Gower become increasingly important. As a systems engineer, Robert builds and maintains wired and wireless and virtual networks for locations throughout Clyde Companies. 

“I enjoy the variety of engineering solutions for all different types of environments,” Robert said. “Each site has its own characteristics and needs.” 

A major update that Robert recently completed was to the company’s VPN, which is now using multifactor authentication and limiting access to improve the security of the company networks. 

Robert has been building out new networks and upgrading others from Enid, Oklahoma; Las Vegas, Nevada; Nampa, Idaho; and multiple locations in between. He spends a portion of his work finding the right internet service for each site based on their needs and what services are available. 

“We use everything that we believe will help our company from mobile data, Starlink, fiber, Coax, and Point to Point radio,” Robert said. “I plan to continue to upgrade my knowledge and skills to make sure I deliver the best solutions for each user.”  

Robert understands the importance of cross-training and staying current with new technologies to help in Building a Better Community, which he’s done for 15 years at Clyde Companies. 

“The biggest reason I come to work is the people I work with day in and day out,” Robert said. “We work hard. We enjoy the variety of things we get to do and being able to look at each challenge as an opportunity for success.” 

Mike Andelin, who also works as a systems engineer at Clyde Companies, has known him for as long as Robert’s been with the company.  

“He’s a super hard worker and is always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done and to do it right,” Mike said. “He’s always there and stays until the job’s done. When we have company acquisitions or deployments of any sort, he’s always traveling, making sure the networking projects are completed.” 

Robert’s dedication to his work extends beyond just building networks. He takes pride in cleaning up and organizing network closets by making them more efficient and orderly. This, in turn, saves time in the future when troubleshooting network-related issues. 

“You take all this disorder and mess and turn it into something that’s orderly and makes sense,” Mike said. “It’s impressive, and anyone who walks in afterwards is amazed. It just makes everybody happy because you’re making jobs easier for those using the closet in the future. Robert is so great at it.” 

“Your happiness on a job comes down to you and your attitude about the work you do,” Robert said. “I shoveled manure for work as a kid. When I get frustrated at work now, I think to myself, ‘I could be shoveling manure, so I should be happy with my work.’ That usually changes my mindset fast.”